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Monday, September 27, 2010

Feedback from last week's menu

Overall, this was a good food week!  I am pretty pleased.  I have also started another blog about the desserts I create.  I am on a cupcake kick right now. 
Monday:  Cuban-Style Rice (my recipe-first shot).  This was pretty good, though needs a little tweaking as it was a little bland.  The leftovers were better than the first night, also!
Tuesday:  Pastitsio (greek lasagna like dish).  This was amazing!!  We ate it all week for lunch and even dinner on Wednesday.  We both loved it!!
Wednesday:  Indian Tacos (I grew up near a native american university & attended many functions.  These are a favorite & are very nostalgic for me.).  We ended up having leftovers since we had so much!!
Thursday:  Coconut Salmon (not sure of the sides yet).  I ended up changing it to teryaki salmon because I didn't feel like messing with the coconut!  It was really good.  Much better than I expected!
Friday:  African Groundnut Stew (then we will be going to a bonfire for the middle school ministry-s'mores!).  The S'mores were awesome, btw!  The stew was a little weird (even for us!), but was good.  We both said we almost wished we didn't know what was in it before we tried it.  Not sure if this will reappear or not.

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